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MM Badminton Club

Meeting frequency: 1-2 times per week

Club Leader: Ming


The MM Badminton Club's mission is to provide a friendly environment for students in the MM cohort to have the opportunity to play badminton together while supporting each other to mitigate the pandemic impact on our lifestyle. All levels of players are welcome whether it is your first time holding a racket or you are an Olympic player, as our goal is to exercise and make friends. Depending on people's schedule, we can either book courts within the UBC campus or outside of the campus if there are no courts available.


MM Beer Club

Meeting frequency: Biweekly

Club Leaders: Ella & Vinayak


The MM Beer Club enhances the educational and social experience by providing opportunities for informal business chats and discussions over beer. We believe that great ideas flow when good beer flows. Come ready to talk about your ideas and learn from your classmates alongside business-related discussion prompts and planned topics.

Please note, while it is the Beer Club, no alcohol or of any kind is necessarily required at any of our events. We will take care of responsible consumption very seriously.

MM Innovation & Entrepreneurship Club 

Meeting frequency: ~2 events per period

Club Leader: Vinayak

We are a group of enthusiasts who try to create impact within the MM journey. We strive to support growth and passion for entrepreneurship and enable access to entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, provide an environment that will trigger innovation and help cultivate and develop ideas for its members. We are dedicated to further understanding new businesses and start up culture.

We have following Goals:

1. To bring entrepreneurial souls with a common mindset in business together, through

relationship building, networking, and mentoring.

2. To support income-generating activities through talent development

3. To help members turn their ideas and passions into businesses and develop future business leaders.

4. To instill self-confidence and bring out those who are willing to create value for people and

planet through their ideas

5. To provide a means through which members can access entrepreneurial resources, network with both local and international entrepreneurs.


MM Patisserie Club

Meeting frequency: Weekly

Club Leader: Ming


The MM Patisserie Club's mission is to provide a friendly environment for students in the MM cohort to have the opportunity to learn about the art of pastry making through an online environment. Through the incorporation of science knowledge into the traditional patisserie skill, we hope that this club will open up a different perspective for those who have a passion in patisserie. All levels of baking experience are welcome. There's always something we can learn from each other and exchange thoughts and ideas. Due to the covid restriction, we will have to do this through zoom, learning from the basics and slowly expanding on that. The recipes and methods will be handed out each week prior to the session. Members can choose to follow along or simply just participate through watching and listening.


MM Social Impact Club

Meeting frequency: Biweekly

Club Leader(s): Nelle & Ritwik

The club will be a place for speaker and discussion series centered around social impact, equity and access, organizing events, sharing resources and job postings.This will be a place for more than just those who want to spend their lives in service, but for those who recognize that in service, there is freedom.